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How to tell if you're Verdurian

A few people have mailed me asking why I don't have one of these... so, here it is. Compare to the culture tests for America, Brazil, and other lands. For more on Verduria wend your way to Virtual Verduria.

These statements apply best to the people of Verduria province. There wouldn't be much variation in (say) Zeir or Šerian, but the southern provinces are a good deal more feudal. The test would also look fairly different if I concentrated on Verduria city; but I thought this would be misleading when the country is still 90% rural.

--Mark Rosenfelder

If you're Verdurian...

Everyone's entitled to their false beliefs

Not easy to phone home

The real names of things

Have you met my fiancé? I hear he's cute

You're a mead person, aren't you?

How do you keep a Viminian wondering?

Oh, Mama, I'm too thin!

And you can count on both types to drink a lot

© 2000 by Mark Rosenfelder
Virtual Verduria