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How to tell if you're Skourene

This is a culture test for ancient Skouras, one of the civilizations of Almea. Because of the great variation within this area, which was never unified under one government, I've focussed on residents of the cities of the Šinour delta-- the oldest and largest Skourene cities, Iṭili, Engidori, and Imuṭeli. (Even this city-oriented culture was only about 15% urbanized; but trying to include the hinterlanders would make the test less interesting.)

The test holds for the late classical era-- about Z.E. 550 to 850. By contrast, the Verdurian culture test is present-day-- Z.E. 3480.

If you're Skourene...

Would you eat that? I'll have a slice

Do I get paid for taking this test?

People and other people

One of them said Almea is round, if you can believe it

Why you'd better get along with your mother-in-law

Give me that old five-tone music

Barbarians and where to find them

“Can I take this road to the city?” “Reckon not. They already got one”

Mess with me and I'll call Grand-Uncle

Space and time

© 2005 by Mark Rosenfelder
Virtual Verduria