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The Language Construction Kit

by Mark Rosenfelder

Create plausible and realistic languages for RPGs, fantasy and science fiction, movies or video games, or international communication... or just learn about how languages work from an unusual, light-hearted perspective.

Mark Rosenfelder's web version of the Language Construction Kit, as well as more than a dozen constructed languages, have helped a generation of conlangers to understand and create languages.

It’s greatly expanded here with coverage of semantics and pragmatics, language families, writing systems, as well as sample wordlists and an annotated sample grammar.

Contains all the information any SF writer would need to make up a reasonable alien language. And serves as quite a good introduction to linguistic concepts for beginners, to boot.
—John Lawler, University of Michigan

Reviewed in Reference and Research Book News, November 2010

$14.95 print, $6.25 e-book — 292 pages — March 2010


The Planet Construction Kit

by Mark Rosenfelder

A companion volume to the Language Construction Kit, this book explains all you need to know about creating your own world: how to choose the right sun, where to put your Mediterranean climates, how to design religions and cultures... everything but language, in fact.

An essential whether you’re writing s.f. or fantasy, designing RPGs, creating movies or video games, or using nanobots to build your world from the molecules up.

There are extensive chapters on astronomy and geology, culture (including clothing and architecture), technology, magic, religion, and warfare, as well as how-to guides to making maps, illustrations, and 3-D models.

$14.95 — 371 pages — October 2010


Against Peace and Freedom

by Mark Rosenfelder

Now available!

A comic sf novel from the author of the Language Construction Kit. There are fifty human worlds, but as there is no faster-than-light travel they are only loosely grouped together as the Incatena. Problems are brewing in the South Sector: a totalitarian dictatorship on Okura, a corporation-run colony on New Bharat. Diplomatic Agent Morgan is sent to see what's going on and stop it. Or, as is more likely, die trying.

Befitting the author of the Planet Construction Kit, there is extensive information about the Incatena online.

A fun and engrossing trip to a future both completely fantastical and utterly believable!
—Christopher Livingston, creator of Concerned and Not My Desk


$13.95 print, $3.99 e-book — 307 pages — August 2011


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