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The Secret Dictionary of Modern Verdurian

Because Verduria lies on another planet and is behind us technologically, the Verdurian language lacks many words relating to modern terrestrial life. I've decided to supply such words here, as an unofficial adjunct to the dictionary-- partly as an exercise in pedantry, but mostly for the convenience of the rožî who want to communicate about our world in soa Sfahe.

Thanks to Mattias Persson for his assistance with the Swedish; some discrepancies remain, because the Verdurians miss certain distinctions in Swedish (e.g. between u and y), and simplify some of the consonant clusters.

Note: This page is partly superseded by this one, which gives the terms used on Almea in the centuries past 3480. I’ve left this page both for historial interest, and because it includes a lot of terms related to present-day Earth. For technological terms, please use the newly revised “real terms,” not those given below.

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Place names

Objects [To Index]

For most modern objects, there are two ways to derive a Verdurian word.

I've preferred the first method when it applies, but often I've given both possibilities.

If a word isn't here, you can invent one yourself, or ask me to do so. However, it's often worth it to check the English-Verdurian Dictionary; Verdurian society is sometimes more advanced than one may suspect.

Transportation [To Index]

airplane letniru ['flying machine']
airport letcer ['flying port']
bicycle dvasiiru ['two-wheel'], sücel [Sw. sykel]
bus vonyaše ['big car'], büs [Sw.]
car pavona, vonye ['wagon'], bil [Sw.]
driver's license hribret duisomei ['license of driver']
gas station karnáe, mac [Sw. (bensin)mac]
gasoline kare [cüe Kare 'petroleum'], bensin [Sw.]
motor niru ['machine']
railway kolberda ['iron path']
steering wheel orivoš ['tiller']
subway hippoče ['underground (train)'], tünelban [Sw. tunnelbana + V. ban]
taxi šadoš ['carriage'], tacsi [Sw.]
tire šircoš ['around thing'], dec [Sw. däck]
traffic duisomora ['driverage']
train kolberdec, tog [Sw. tåg]
train station kolberdnáe
truck nasitec ['carrier'], lasbil [Sw. lastbil]
trunk sista ['box, trunk']

Computers [To Index]

cd-rom dör laun ['external circle']
chip ďëska ['tile']
computer römniru ['calculate-machine'], datur [Sw.]
CPU mašrë (ďëska) ['master chip']
floppy disk mole laun ['soft circle']
hard drive dur laun ['hard circle']
modem nirusfahec ['machine-talker']
keyboard teclî [pl. of tecla 'key']
mouse kazoš ['point-thing']
monitor ontoš ['show-thing']
program (v) befelan; (n) befelora ['command']
programming befelát
video game syametec šendu ['electric game']

Internet [To Index]

bulletin board letuë vouë ['wall of messages']
chatroom pratnáe ['chat-place']
e-mail syameteca pisá ['electric letter']; (colloq.) mólnia ['lightning']
Internet gečë ['web/net']
flame ogudir ['roast']
lurker samsfahe ['mute']
newbie lebako [slang for 'newcomer']
newsgroup voynáe ['message place']
post voyir ['send']
posting voy ['message']
Web gečë
web page cëmura (gečëi)

Technology [To Index]

air conditioning anižë šalea ['cool air']
animated cartoon bežecî behdelî ['moving cartoons']
atom (bidracon) ftaconei ['molecule of an element']
atomic bomb křumbil ftaconei ['elemental bomb']
camera rihniru ['seeing machine']; cámera [Sw.]
CD laun ['circle']
cinema bežecnáe ['movie place']
dishwasher činlavec ['dish-washer']
elevator uletera zetbežë ['moving stairway']
fax document retden ['far document']; machine retdenniru, facs
film (for camera) bres [bres and daskulin 'band for pictures']
light bulb glazula ['little lamp']
machine gun onfassë ['repeater']
molecule bidracon [Cuêzi 'the indivisible'-- an ancient philosophical term]
movie bežecî [bežecî daskulî 'moving photos']
nuclear energy dunea ftaconei ['elemental energy']
photograph daskul ['little panel']; futu [Sw. foto]
plastic imiru [after its discoverer]
radio retmizo ['far speech']; rádiu [Sw.]
record (LP) šiva [Sw. skiva]
record player šivniru
refrigerator froniru ['cold machine']
stereo alaďé [niru alaďee 'music machine']
sunglasses akseltë [lëtyora akseltë 'against-light glasses']
tape bresul [bresul and alaďean'bandlet for music']
tape recorder bresulniru ['tape machine']
telephone sfahniru ['speak-machine'], telefón [Sw.]
television ontoš ['show-thing'], teve [Sw.]
videotape bresul (bežecië) ['tape (for movies)'], vídeo [Sw.]
washing machine uverälávec ['clothes-washer']

Measures [To Index]

foot naga [loan-translation]
gram gram [Sw.]
kilogram čilugrám [Sw. kilogram]
kilometer čilumeter [Sw. kilometer]; cemisa can also be used as a rough substitute
liter liter [Sw.]
meter meter [Sw.]
mile mil [Sw.]

Lifestyle [To Index]

automatic teller kunniru ['money machine']
babysitter cumpavom ['with kid person']
banknote denkuna ['paper money'], sedel [Sw.]
basketball básketbol [Sw. basketboll]
bikini bikini [Sw.]
bra taspres ['cup band'], beo [Sw. behå]
chess či [Chin. ]
college degree nivo ['level']
comic strip bemáš, racont bemášië ['caricature (story)'], šéntseri [Sw. skämtserie]
credit card plačem ['pay-card']
dollar dolar [Sw.]
drug dealer maflošom ['opium man']
economy nažrömát ['national accounting']
euro éuro [Sw.]
income tax decë ak lagun ['tax on income']
inflation lešellial ['price-rise']
jeans yins [Sw.]
lifestyle alia ['way of getting by']
lipstick leffäbrau ['lip makeup']
rock (music) rok
secretary (office) vereon [after the messenger of Enäron]
ski šida [Sw. skida]
skiing šidát
soccer (football) boďpila ['kickball'], futbol [Sw. fotboll]
speed limit aletasces (sfutátei) ['maximum of speed']
standard of living nivo žüngui ['level of expenditures']
suburb ažežes ['neighborhood away (from the city)']
swimsuit hipřanë ['waders']
t-shirt tišöt [Sw.]
unemployed sammeďë ['without work']
unemployment sammeďësa
union neron ['guild']
welfare denažë [colapreca denažë 'national assistance']
yen, yuan üen [Chin. yuán]

Health [To Index]

AIDS eidz [Sw.]
allergy žoziseo ['irritation']
addict maflošul ['opium hound']
antibiotic akanadonta ['against bacterium']
bacterium anadonta ['one cell']
cigarette sigarét [Sw.]
cocaine cucaín [Sw. kokain]
drugs mafloš ['opium']
heroin eruín [Sw.]
vaccine akhipelir ['against virus']
virus hipelir ['sub-life']
vitamin vitamín [Sw.]

Food [To Index]

candy bar gorat ['tower (of candy)']
hamburger ambürgare [Sw. hamburgare]
hot dog vamkorv [Sw. warm korv]
ketchup sfetse tumat ['spicy tomato']
monkey apa [Sw.]
pizza pidza [Sw.]
sushi šosi [Chin. shòusi]
taco tacu
tofu dofu [Chin. dòufǔ]
tomato tumat [Sw. tomat]

Thought systems [To Index]

Note: if the follower ends in -ilo, the adjective is -ise and the belief system, if not listed here, is -isát: e.g. islamise, islamisát.
communism tësëca [by analogy with ziëca 'property', from tëse 'all']
communist tësëcilo, kumunilo [Sw. kommunist]
deconstructionist lacanilo
Green bečindilo [after the Arániceri god of the Earth]
human rights droî de aďán ['rights from God']
Islam Islam [Sw.]
Jew Ebreo [Greek Hebraios]
left (wing) vansten [Sw. vänstern]
leftist vanstenilo
Marxist marcsilo
mosque aďetonáe islamise, moské
Muslim Islamilo
Pope papa (m.) [Gr. pappas], so Perař Romei
right (wing) ögen [Sw. högern], bomřanec ['conservative']
rightist ögenilo
socialist ženilo
synagogue aďetonáe ebrenë ['Jewish church']

Days of the Week [To Index]

Sunday sönda
Monday monda
Tuesday tizda
Wednesday unsda
Thursday tursda
Friday freda
Saturday lörda

Months of the Year [To Index]

January yanuári
February februári
March mars
April apríl
May may
June yüni
July yüli
August augüsti
September september
October uctuber
November nuvember
December desember

Place names [To Index]

Never content to make things easy, I've taken place names from three main sources.

Africa Africe [Gr. Afrika]
America América [Sw. Amerika]
Argentina Ařentina [Sw.]
Asia Asía [Gr. Asía]
Athens Aďéne [Gr. Athénai]
Belarus Vitrüslan [Sw. Vitryssland]
Belgium Bélgën [Sw. Belgien]
Berlin Barlin [Sw. Berlin]
Brazil Brasílën [Sw.]
Chicago Šikago [Eng.]
Chile Čile [Sw.]
China Júngguo [Chin. Zhōngguó]
Copenhagen Čöpenam [Sw. Köpenhamn]
Cracow Cracuf [Pol. Krakow]
Czech Republic Čécën [Sw. Tjeckien]
Denmark Danmarc [Sw. Danmark]
Earth Oikumene [Gr. Oikouméne 'the habitable world']
Edinburgh Édimbüry [Sw.]
Egypt Egupto [Gr. Aiguptos]
England Englan [Sw.]
Estonia Estlan [Sw. Estland]
Ethiopia Eďopia [Gr. Aithopia]
Europe Evrope [Gr. Europe]
European Union Anát Evropei
France Fráncrice [Sw. Frankrike]
Germany Tüsclan [Sw. Tyskland]
Greece Elénia [back-formation from Elenico, from Gr. Hellenikos]
Hong Kong Šianggang [Chin. Xiānggāng]
Iceland Islan [Sw. Island]
India Índën [Sw. Indien]
Iran Pérsia [Gr. Persia]
Israel Israél [Gr. Israél]
Italy Italia [Gr. Italía]
Japan Žiben [Chin. Rìběn]
Jerusalem Ërusalém [Gr. Hierousalém]
Jordan Iorďán [Gr. Iordánēs]
Korea Čaošien [Chin. Cháoxiān]
Latvia Letlan [Sw. Lettland]
Lithuania Litáuen [Sw. Litauen]
London London [Sw.]
Mongolia Menggu [Chin. Měnggǔ]
Moscow Moscvä [Sw. Moskva]
Naples Neápoli [Gr. Neápolis]
Netherlands Nederléndena [Sw. Nederländerna]
New York Nuyórc [Eng.]
Norway Nórë [Sw. Norge]
Oslo Uslu [Sw.]
Paris Paris [Sw. Paris]
Peking Beyjing [Chin. Běijīng]
Poland Polska [Pol. Polska]
Portugal Pórtügal [Sw.]
Prague Prag [Sw.]
Rome Rome [Gr. Rhōmē]
Russia Rüslan [Sw. Ryssland]
Scotland Scotlan [Sw. Skottland]
Shanghai Šanghay [Chin. Shànghǎi]
Singapore Šinjiapo [Chin. Xīnjiāpō]
Spain Spánën [Sw. Spanien]
St. Petersburg Nëron Petro [loan-translation]
Stockholm Stocolm [Sw.]
Sweden Sférë [Sw. Sverige]
Syria Suria [Gr. Suría]
Taiwan Táyuan [Chin. Táiwān]
Thailand Táiguo [Chin. Tàiguó]
Tokyo Dungjing [Chin. Dōngjīng]
Turkey Türcíet [Sw. Turkiet]
United States América [Sw. Amerika]
Warsaw Varšava [Pol. Warszawa]

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