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Elkarîl Lexicon

Verbs are marked as actions (A) or purposes (P); they can only be used as indicated. Where it may not be obvious, I indicate the case roles in a parenthesis: e experiencer, c causer, i intender; loc indicates that a locative must be used.

If a lexeme makes use of the vowel continuum (loc = locative, c = color, va = varying adjective, obj = object anaphor), the main entry is the -î- form, and I've included the -u- form (and the -ê- form, if any). As a reminder of this, the secondary entries aren't in boldface.

There are a handful of words with n + g; for the benefit of net users who don't have an eng, I've written these as n'g in the lexicon to avoid confusion with the letter ng.

There are currently 1273 entries.
add pt particle which ends a subordinate clause
an sibling
Anên-Quth the Eight Great Siblings-- the first elcari, ancestors of the Four Clans
ba the letter b
bad a mountain shorter on one side (e.g. because it leads to a plateau)
bam baa (like a goat)
ban P oppose; (as suffix) anti-, counter-
bana opposition
banlusht A dissolve (e solute, c solvent) [`counter-rinse']
banlushta dissolution
banlushtm solvent
banlushtu solution
bar A sharpen, whet (e object, c sharpening tool)
barsh sharp
baruq axe [`sharpened']
bel sky
Belggech a granddaughter of Ganmech [`blue-sky']
belidd one of the moons; silver [`sky-stone']
beliddban nitric acid [`anti-silver', because it can dissolve silver]
Beliddên Iliazhë, the brightest moon [`great moon']
Beliddegg Iliacásh, the second-brightest moon [`noble moon']
bêm baa (like a sheep)
bêq A tan (e hide, c tool)
bêqm tannin
bêquq leather
bêqsh tanned
ber fraction
bêth P can, be capable of, know how to
bîd P visit
bîdth P date, go out regularly together
bîdtha dating; relationship
bîdu a visit
bîl loc to the left of
bîlu the left side
bin A tap
binth A tap repeatedly
bing va great, nice
bir va cool, a bit cold
bîr va somewhat cold
bôchuq citrus fruit [`very tart fruit']
bôchuq-ñij orange
bôchuq-lîl lime
bôn fruit
bôchiq apple [`mildly tart fruit']
bokh greedy [`hungry' + despect.]
bokha greed
bop stomach (seen as the source of greed)
bopsh hungry
bopsha hunger
bôq danger, peril; risk
bôqsh dangerous, risky
bor P give (for exchange, or expecting recompense)
bosh deciduous tree
bud A serrate, ridge, rib (e.g. a coin's edge, or a column)
buchek lime [`roast limestone']
budu (a single) serration, ridge, rib
buduq large silver coin [`ribbed', because of its ribbed edges]
buj serrated, ribbed
bul loc in the back to the left
buly A lose, be missing (e missing item)
bulya loss
bun A thud, thump, boom
bunth A thud or thump rhythmically
bunthm drum
bung va marvellous, excellent, fabulous
buñ speck, dot
buñsh speckled, dotted
buph lip
buphêj the two lips
bur va cold
bura coldness
burphura temperature [`cold-hot-ness']
but limestone
bba the letter bb
bban copper
bbanm malachite [`copper ore']
bbanxin copper acetate, verdigris [`corroded copper']
bbê pt particle beginning a quoted speech
bbêj va neurotic, disturbed
bbêth A speak, talk (e speaker, c utterance)
bbêthu speech, language
bbij va crazy
bbim A buzz
bbod lead
bbod-xukh sphalerite, zinc ore
bbodxukhong zinc
bbodkhend litharge [`blown lead']
bbodxin white lead, cerusse [`corroded lead']
bbodm galena [`lead ore']
bbôm pt then, next, after that
bbôth A hear, listen (e hearer, c utterance or sound)
bbuj va batshit insane
bbung chest, trunk (of a bipedal body)
cha the letter ch
châbb a hill (among other hills)
chaly maiden, young female
Chalyñelsh one of the Four Great Sisters: wife of Xaqhre
chan sister
Chanênâj the Four Great Sisters-- the mothers of the Four Clans
char sword
chelkar a female elcar
chely clay
cheñelch pottery [`burnt clay']
cheng A be made or fashioned (e object, c tool)
chêl sack, bag
cher # 144, one gross
cherên # 126, i.e. 2,985,984 [`great gross']
cheriph # 72 [`half gross']
chin A be put or placed (e moved item, c mover or transport)
chîn loc under, below; in favor
chîna the bottom, the bottom surface; the ground
chînd A lose (a fight), be beaten or bettered [causative + 'bottom']
chînjund P feel compassion for one's superiors or ancestors
chînpên floor [`bottom-room']
chîp obj an irregular solid shape
chît A wear (e person, c clothes)
chîtm clothes
chith feather
Chkunrem one of the Four Great Sisters: wife of Ganmech [fem. of `jade']
chnbîdth girlfriend [`female dater']
chninth wife [`female resider']
chnmum cow
chnnem mare
chnrêl girl (child), daughter
chnqêt mother
chôl large sack or bag
chôsh flood, torrent
chôshd A flood, inundate
chôshên sea [`great flood']
chpush vaginal secretions (in elcari, necessary for conception) [`female bodily fluid']
chtely queen, lady
chuk be impossible [t- + shuk]
chuka impossibility
chun loc far under or below; slightly in favor
chup obj a large chîp
chung A move, be removed (e moved item, c mover or transport)
chup A kiss (e person or thing kissed, c lips etc.)
chupa a kiss
churd A glaze (e object, c tool or cause)
chur glaze
churuq porcelain, china
da the letter d
dâd A sculpt (e subject, c tool)
daq A exit
dâq A enter
dâqm door
dât sculpture
dem A be tapped or lightly hit
dêp va fast
did P cause, make something happen (perhaps unintentionally) [from repetition of causal d-]
dida causation
dîk obj tray, panel-- a flat rectangular shape
dîl loc on the surface to the left
dîn loc across (from) and on the left
dip va neither fast nor slow
dipa speed (abstract), velocity
diq cobalt
diqm cobalt ore
Khak Diqm the elcarin kingdom in the Diqun Bormai
dom A be hit or smashed
doph A be born (e young, c womb)
dopha birth
dub A babble
dubu babbling
dugg P imprison, sequester
dugga imprisonment
duggsh imprisoned
duk obj a large tray or panel shape
dul loc on top and to the far left
dun loc across and to the far left
dup va slow
dur meal, dinner
durd P cook, prepare a meal
dut tooth
dda the letter dd
dda pt particle which begins a subordinate clause
ddag map, chart, diagram
ddagd P map, chart; make a ddag
ddar P hurt, harm
ddara hurt, harm
ddarsh harmful
Ddekhanmech a member of Ganmech's xelyên
ddeph member, follower
Ddepherkrêng a member of Merkrêng's xelyên
Ddeqhaqhre a member of Xaqhre's xelyên
Ddeqhêshopsh a member of Qêshops's xelyên
ddêth va light in color
ddith va neither light nor dark in color
dditha lightness or darkness (in color); saturation
ddit P buy
ddita purchase
ddôl ear
ddôth be likely, be probable
ddudita trade, commerce [`sell-buy-ness']
ddut P sell
ddutu sale
dduch human [`selling (ones)']
dduth va dark in color
dduchîl human (adj.)
ddux enterprise, organization, commission
eb hollow, open (of tunnels)
êbb pt particle ending a quoted speech
ebd A dig, excavate
ebdu excavation
ebdûnmâk troll [`excavation-stealer']
eph animal
elk A create
elka creation
elkar elcar [`creating (people)']
elkaraju the elcarin race, the elcari as a whole
elkarîl elcarin, of the elcars
(bbêthu) elkaril the elcarin language
ga the letter g
gal young male
gam A lie, rest
gan brother
Ganênâj the Four Great Brothers-- the fathers of the Four Clans
Ganmech the eldest of the Anên-Quth [`dawn-brother']
gely late spring (the sixth of the year preceding the summer solstice)
gelkar a male elcar
gêk A quack (like a goose)
gêm va few; some
gêma fewness
gênkh va a paltry number [`few' + despect.]
geth foothill; a hill connecting to mountains beyond
gim va a moderate amount
gima amount
gîn loc above to the left
gît obj an object that fits the body (e.g. a glove or helmet)
gîtbbung chestplate, body armor [`chest-gît']
gîtlek shoe [`foot-gît']
gîtngôt helmet [`head-gît']
gîtxib gauntlet [`hand-gît']
nbîdth boyfriend [`male dater']
gninth husband [`male resider']
gnmum bull
gnnem stallion
gnqêt father
gnrêl boy (child), son
gpush semen [`male bodily fluid']
grîtbbung shirt [`soft trunk covering']
grîtgget skirt (lower body outfit) [`soft leggings']
grîtlek sock, stocking [`soft shoe']
grîtngôt hat [`soft helmet']
grîtxib glove [`soft gauntlet']
gtely king, lord
gum va many
guma multitude, manyness
gun loc above and to the far left
gunkh va crowded, too many [`many' + despect.]
guñ P cast a spell, bewitch
guña witchcraft, sorcery
guñu spell, enchantment
guph P deceive, defraud
guphu (act of) deception, fraud
guphsh deceptive, fraudulent
gur flax
guruq linen
gut obj a large body-shaped object (e.g. a suit of armor)
gutbêquq leather armor
gutdîk plate mail
gutlek boot [`big shoe']
gutthîlp chain mail
gutxhîk scale armor
gga the letter gg
ggach a dusky greyish cyan
ggal hard
ggalth A endure, last
ggaltha endurance
ggalthar enduring, lasting
ggaqh A laugh
ggaphm joke
ggêch c pale cyan
ggêkh wolf
ggêj council
ggêjêj P agree (in council) [`council-agree']
ggêjêju agreement in council, law
gget leg
ggetêb thigh, ggetôg calf, ggetâj pair of legs
ggêth # 1728
ggêthiph # 864 [`half 1728']
ggich c cyan
ggîn A ggîn B A implies B
B ggîn-ban A if B, then A
ggim P play (by imitating work); model
ggima play, modelling
ggimush P compete
ggimusha competition
ggînd P suppose, hypothesize [`make ggîn']
ggînu supposition
ggon winter (the sixth of the year after the winter solstice)
ggôr island
ggôt A use (e user, c tool)
ggôta use, usage
gguch c deep blue-green
ggud forest
gguk heart (seen as the seat of zeal and passion)
gguksh zealous, passionate, excited
ggum A work, toil (e worker, c tool)
gguma work
in A stay, rest (e resider, loc residence)
inth A live (with or in), reside
ja the letter j
jagg squad, team
jar P desire; feel attraction or lust
jara desire, (feeling of ) attraction, lust
jard P attract, seduce, court, woo
jarda seduction, (process of ) attraction, courting
jarth P love (romantically) [`desire' + repet.]
jartha love, romance
jath c bluish grey
jêj P agree
jêjban P disagree [`anti-agree']
jêjbanu a disagreement
jëju an agreement
jêk A roast; calcinate
jêka roasting, calcination
jêku calx
jel va late; after
jêl va very late; long after
jêla the near future
jêla the far future; the end times
jên A have, enjoy the use of (e possessor, c possession)
jêth c pale blue
jich va ugly
jicha ugliness
jik muscle; meat
jikh A saw, chop (down)
jil va (preposition) during, in, at the time of; (adj.) on time; present
jîl va early; before
jila the present
jîla the recent past
jîn loc below to the left
jith c blue
jîx rye
jôgg root
jôggnêj carrot [`beige root', after its ancestral color]
jôggngot turnip [`head(-shaped) root']
jôm marble
jôph an isolated mountain
Jôphên Almea; world [`great mountain']
juch va horribly ugly, deformed
jul va very early; long before
jula ancient times; the historic past
jum stomach (seen as the seat of compassion)
jun loc below to the far left
jund P act out of compassion or kindness
jundaq compassion, kindness
junsh compassionate, kind [`stomachy']
Junshopsh one of the Four Great Sisters: wife of Qêshops
jush A bathe
jushu bath
jut bean
juth c indigo; dark blue
ka the letter k
kâk A quack
kar A caw
kâsh mystery, puzzle
kâshd P confuse, mystify
kâshda mystery, confusion
kâth A fasten or attach (to)
keph spine (seen as the seat of will)
kepha will
kephad P intend, do purposefully
kephash voluntary, on purpose
kich A fight, strike
kîd obj brick; a rectangular solid object
kig va bent
kigd A bend (e object bent, e tool)
kikh A be chipped or knapped (e object, c tool)
kikhuq an object formed by chipping or knapping
kîld obj box; a hollow rectangular object
kîldnik elcarin lyre or zither
kîmpên ceiling [`top-room']
kîn obj above, over
kîna the top, the top surface
kînd A overcome, win; outlast, prevail [causative + `top']
kînjund P pity [`above compassion']
kînjunda pity
kînlek ankle [`above foot']
kînphuch float [`above-swim']
kînxib wrist [`above hand']
kir picture, drawing
kird A draw (c object drawn, e drawing tool)
kirdngem P imagine, picture (mentally)
kirdngema imagination
kith bird
kôn P enjoy, delight in
kôna enjoyment, delight
kphath emur coin, worth 1/12 buduq [k- from kun `coin' + `1/2']
ktuphuq ktuvok [`swamp thing' plus prefix of uncertain meaning, poss. g- `male']
kud obj a large block or trunk
kug va extremely bent; twisted, deformed
kugg a very high mountain peak in a high range
kum sand
kumên desert [`great sand']
kun a small fashioned thing, such as a coin or jewel; also a form of kîn
kun obj far above
kunm element for making kun
the five noble elements (gold, silver, iron, marble, quartz)
kup A happen, occur (at a physical level)
kuplîthu event; sentence (action + purpose)
kupu physical action, occurence, event; the action portion of a sentence
kupur physical
kurântur ruby [`bloody jewel']
kunrem jade [`light green jewel']
kha the letter kh
Khakrôpmîqhridd a former city of the elcari in the southern Ctelm mountains [`city of obsidian walls']
khak city
khal c dusky rose
khald A rust
khalông rust
Khatelyên the capital of Elkarinor [`city of the great lord']
khan little brother
khâsh puzzle, riddle [`small mystery']
khâshd P ask riddles
khath loyal
khathaj a name for the elcari (as opposed to the múrtani)
khêl c pink
khem A breathe (once)
khêm very few [dimin. of gêm `few']
khemth breathe repeatedly; blow
khemthu living being, spirit
Khemthu-Nôr the Elkarin god [`first spirit']
khemthur spiritual
khend A blow air at (e object, c source of air)
kheph crust, precipitate, dregs
khephrochm cream of tartar [`barrel crust']
khil c red
khilkh demon [`red' + despect. suffix]
khîlông mercury [`dark red metal']
khîlôngm cinnabar [`mercury ore']
khin A stamp, print (e object, c machine)
khina stamping, printing
khip va lovely, pretty
khipa loveliness, prettiness
khît obj a miniature gît (body-shaped object), e.g. a doll's glove
khoch P celebrate
khochu celebration, feast
khôn P be amused, like [dimin. of `enjoy']
khôna amusement, liking
khul c marroon
khulông cinnabar [`dark red metal']
khum storm
khup va beautiful, striking
khupa beauty
khuph P trick, mislead [`deceive' + dimin.]
khuphu trick
khuphsh tricky
khurind small gold coin, worth 6 buduq [`small six-making coin']
khut obj a larger khît, e.g. a doll's clothes
la the letter l
lal c olive color
laluq olive
lar hair
Larñîj one of the Four Great Sisters: wife of Merkrêng
lek foot
lekôg sole of the foot
lêl c pale yellowish green
lem P think, reason
lema thought, (facility of) reason
lemad P justify
lemêj weigh, compare [`think-two']
lemêja comparison
lemth P ruminate, consider
lêng va high in quality, luxurious, fine
lênga high quality, luxury, luxuriousness
lênguq an item of high quality, a luxury
lêq P imitate, copy
lêqa imitation, copying
lêqd P demontrate, show by example; teach
lêqda teaching, education
lêquq an imitation or copy
lêr small, little, short (in stature or time)
lêx P remember
lêxa memory
li pt subordinating particle for intentions
lil c yellowish green
ling va of average quality
linga quality (as an abstract)
lîth P have some mental state
lîthu mental action or state; the intent portion of a sentence
lol tongue
lôp (internal) organ (prototypically, a soft baggy one)
lôpdoph womb [`bearing organ]
lôpîd vagina [`central organ']
lôpjut kidney [`bean organ']
lôplush bladder [`water organ']
lôpnrîlk intestines, guts [`soft hollow tube organ']
lôpphit lung [`air organ']
loq field
lôr big, large, tall; lengthy (in time)
lôx P expect, predict [`remember' with vowel change]
lôxa expectation, prediction
lul c dark yellowish green
lun pure, refined
lund P purify, refine
lunda refining (of metals)
lundông steel [`refined metal']
lung va poor in quality, wretched, tacky, badly made
lunga wretchedness, tackiness, low quality
lur valley (amid mountains)
lush water; juice
lush-bôchuq-ñij orange juice
lushngun grape juice
lushbban copper protosulfate (blue vitriol)
lusht A irrigate, water; rinse
luxej brine, salt water [`salty water']luxej-
lya the letter ly
lyâch glassy, transparent
lyâd glass
lyâdm manganese [`glass-making substance']
lyân P trust, rely on
lyâna trust, reliance
lyânsh trustworthy, reliable
lyânsha trustworthiness, reliability
lyat P give (out of affection or esteem)
lyatu gift, present
lyêp cup, glass
lyîn oil
lyînmuqh petroleum [`black oil']
lyît be faceted (e object, c tool)
lyîtuq facet
lyôb lake
lyôj # 20736
lyok liver (seen as the seat of good sense)
lyoksh sensible, prudent
lyoksha good sense, prudence
lyôp mug, large cup
lyôr sick, ill
lyôrd A sicken, become ill
lyôru sickness, illness, disease
lyuch tar
lyuchuq pitch [`from tar']
ma the letter m
mach # eighteen; a period of 18 days
machîl large gold coin, worth 18 buduq [`of 18']
mak P invade, occupy
man nose
maqh c white
maqhidd diamond [`white stone']
mat flower
matlyêp tulip, iris, or other cup-shaped flower [`flower-cup']
matqîb carnation, rose, peony, or other ball-shaped flower [`flower-ball']
mattîp daisy, sunflower, or other disk-shaped flower [`flower-plate']
mbam goat [`baa-er']
mbêm sheep [`baa-er']
mbbim flying insect [`buzzer']
mem # zero
mêph A ferment
mêphm yeast
mêphuq beer
mêqh c very light grey
mêr drunk [mêphr `fermented']
mêra drunkenness
mêrd A get drunk (e person, c intoxicant)
merk arm
merkêb upper arm,
merkôg forearm
mêrkh smashed, wasted, completely drunk [`drunk' + despect.]
mêrkhd A get wasted
Merkrêng the fourth of the Four Great Brothers [`strong arm']
mish A be less than
mîsh A be as much as
met dawn, sunrise
tul-met east
dîl-met north
tîly-met south
til-met west
metêb the time before dawn ['upper-dawn']
metôg later morning [`lower-dawn']
mex A put away, release (e giver, c item)
mib va blunt, not very sharp
miqchek kohl [`calx of stibnite']
miqchekong antimony [`metal of kohl']
miqh c grey
miqhông stibnite [`grey metal']
mîqhridd obsidian [`dark grey stone']
min early spring (the sixth of the year centering on the spring equinox)
miph A see (e viewer, c sight)
mipha sight, vision
miphñat A examine [`see-all']
miphñata examination
miphuq window [`seeing object']
mit day; noon [cf. met, mot]
Mitgon winter solstice
Mitmin spring equinox
Mittam summer solstice
Mitther autumn equinox
jil-têt-mit never
mitêb (late) morning [`upper-day']
mitîd noontime, mid-day [`mid-day']
mitôg (early) afternoon [`lower-day']
mitqur one of the three-hour divisions of the day
mîth A die (e victim, c weapon, sickness, etc.)
mîtha death
mîthsh dead
môb egg
mom sad
moma sadness
mông a low mountain among high ones; a pass
mônuq saddle [`pass-(shaped) thing']
môr earth, soil, ground
môrên land [`great earth']
mot dusk, sunset
motêb late afternoon [`upper-dusk']
motôg evening [`lower-dusk']
môth a powdery mineral
môthkhîl realgar [`red môth']
môthnij orpiment [`yellow môth']
môthxedd saltpetre [`salty môth']
mox A receive (e receiver, c item)
mpêq # seven [`adder']
mpêth neighbor [`nearby one']
mping bow [`shooter']
mpôq # eleven [`subtracter']
mphêq affix [`adder']
mphul river [`flowing one']
mub va dull, stumpy
muba dullness
muk P test, try out
muku test, trial, experiment
mukth P test thoroughly
mukthu extensive testing, quality control
mum A moo
mun P be happy or content
muna happiness
mund P (try to) make happy, cheer up
munsh happy, content
muqh c black
mur cooperation
murd P cooperate
murth community [repet. of mur]
mush A be more than
na the letter n
naj c tan; a dusky pale yellow
nal pt question particle (expects yes/no)
naly quartz
nan pt question anaphor (expects to be supplied with word)
nanch pt where or when, in what place or time
nand P ask [`make nan']
nandu question
nansh what kind of, which
nchith bird [`feathered one']
nchithbuñsh pheasant [`speckled bird']
ndem hammer
ndid causer (in a sentence)
ndom sledgehammer, very large hammer
ndoph infant, baby [`one born']
nduggsh prisoner [`imprisoned one']
nddar weapon [`harmer']
nêj c beige; a pale yellow
nen P put in order, arrange
nenu arrangement, order
nensh orderly, ordered
nêph sound, noise
nij c yellow
nelkkun jeweller [`maker of jewels']
nem A neigh, whinny
nik obj string, wire; a very narrow, long thin object
nîk obj rod; a long thin object
nîktip arrow [`sharp rod']
nîlk obj a hollow tube
nîlkhem flute [`blow tube']
ninth housemate [`resider']
ninthâj couple
n'gêk goose [`quacker']
n'guñ sorcerer, witch [`enchanter']
njagg (fellow) team member
njikh saw
njush bathtub
nkâk duck [`quacker']
nkar crow, raven [`cawer']
nkâth nail, screw [`fastener']
nkup experiencer (in a sentence)
nkhend bellows [`blower']
nkhin press, pressing machine [`presser']
nkhinîluq small silver coin, worth 1/2 buduq [`thing from the stampers']
nlem rational being, Thinking Kind
nlemâj, the Four Thinking Kinds (ilii, elcari, men, icëlani)
nlêqd teacher [`demonstrater']
nlîth intender (in a sentence)
nmum cow or bull [`mooer']
nmurthankh múrtany [`one who denies elcarin solidarity and is ugly too': n- agentive + murth `community' + -ban `anti' + -kh deprecative]
nmak invader, one who steals by occupying
nmêr drinker [`drunk one']
nmêrkh drunkard [`smashed one']
nnem horse (mountain pony) [`whinnier']
nnôn leader (of a ddux; or a captain in wartime)
nñad weaver
nñan cat [`meower']
# one
nôn lead [`be first']
nôna leadership
non being, something that exists [`one who is']
nôqêj number [`one-two']
nôr first
nqêt parent
nqîltêm thief, burglar
nqîlthul lens [`focusser']
nqiphd chisel [`splitter']
nqith fork [`stabber']
nqogrung coward
nqogrêng hero, bold person
nquj # five [`approacher']
nquphd axe [`chisel' with vowel contrast]
nqhith penis [`penetrator']
nqhôm pig [`grunter']
nraph dog [`barker']
nrêl child [`young one']
nrîk obj soft tubular thing
nrîkñêph rope
nrur trumpet, horn
nshiq knife [`cutter']
nshobd student [`learner']
ntaban enemy, opponent
ntad ally, supporter
ntlyânsh rascal, hustler, con man [`unreliable one']
ntlyôrm doctor, physician [`medicine man']
ntung fool, idiot [`stupid one']
nthem jeweller's hammer
Ntheshnôngm a grandson of Merkrêng [`orefinder']
nthîngd carpenter [`assembler']
nthith wing [`flapper']
nuj c yellowish brown
nuk obj beam; a large, long thin object
nuktip spear, javelin
nunk obj column; large, thick solid object
nup imp, sprite, little devil
nupggud icëlan ['forest imp']
nxad tender, one who watches children or animals
nxilmech iliu [`dawn-walker']
ña the letter ñ
ñad A weave (e cloth, c tool)
ñadm yarn, wool (any raw material for weaving)
ñadu cloth
ñaj c a dark flesh color
ñam a low mountain (among others the same size)
ñan A meow
ñap P own, possess
ñapa possession
ñâph web, net
ñash music
ñat every, all
ñêch P hide
ñej c flesh color; a pale orange
ñêlch burnt
ñêld A burn; fire (clay) (e item, c heat source)
ñêl fire
ñêlsh fiery
ñekh table
ñêkh small flame
ñêkhbel star [`flame-sky']
ñêkhbelên planet [`great star']
ñêkhuq candle
ñêm A write (e addressee, c source)
ñêmuq book
ñêph hemp
ñêphuq canvas (hemp cloth)
ñîth non-flying insect
ñôm A read (e reader, c source)
ñokh flame, light
Ñokhbur the planet Caiem ['cold flame']
Ñokhrem the planet Hírumor (venerated by the elcari) [whitish-green flame']
ñij c orange
ñîjông bronze [`dark orange metal']
ñil A rotate (once), turn around
ñilth A rotate, turn (at a slow speed)
ñiltha rotation, turning
ñilu one rotation or turning
ñîm A need (e who needs it, c what needed)
ñîmu need, lack
ñîmban P provide, outfit, satisfy
ñing va tasty
ñîsh glue, paste
ñîshd A glue, be glued (e object, t tool)
ñol A hang (e object, c hanger)
ñuk A be forged (e object, t tool)
ñuj c brown
ñulth A whirl, spin (quickly)
ñun breast, nipple (elcarin breasts are flat)
ñunuq milk
ñung va delicious
ñuth wax, paste
ñuthr waxy, pasty
nga the letter ng
ngach conifer (tree)
ngâl P believe
ngâla belief (in general), faith
ngâld P convince, persuade
ngâlda persuasion
ngâlu a belief, a conviction
ngcher hundred (when calculating in decimal) [`foreign gross']
ngggeth thousand (when calculating in decimal) [`foreign 1728]
ngem brain (seen as the seat of intelligence), mind
ngensh intelligent
ngensha intelligence
ngêp A meet, encounter (e participants)
ngêpu meeting, encounter
ngich oats
nglyôj 10,000 (when calculating in decimal) [`foreign 20736']
ngôk awe, wonder
ngôkth holy, wondrous
ngông metal
ngôngm ore
ngôt head
ngpath ten (when calculating in decimal) [`foreign twelve']
ngqaraju a foreign (human or iliu) writing system
ntât friend
ngtely a foreign ruler
ngun grape
ngunuq wine [`grape substance']
ngunutuq vinegar [`sour wine']
nguth meadow
ob filled, closed (of tunnels)
obd fill in, close off
on A exist, be; be hereon bung! How marvellous!
ona existence, presence
ôch correct, right [`yes-ish']
ôd P correct (someone), make a correction [`make right']
ôt pt yes; it is so
pa the letter p
pabm key [`close-tool']
pakh open, opened; unlocked
pakhd A open; unlock (e container, c key, tool, etc.)
paly A wrap, roll up, cover, blanket (e object, c wrapper)
palym blanket, cover
pâm mouth
pan boat
panêb bow [`upper-boat']
paniog stern [`lower-boat']
pap closed, shut; locked (of containers)
papd A close, shut; lock (e container, c key, tool, etc.)
path # twelve
pathegg # 128 [`noble dozen']
pathên # 125, i.e. 248832 [`great dozen']
pathîl # base for higher powers of twelve [`of the twelves'], e.g. pathêjr-pathîl 1224
pêdely throne room [`room-king']
pêdur dining room [`room-meal']
pêddut store, shop, market [`room-sell']
pêggum workshop [`room-work']
pêjar armory [`room-sword']
pekh P act out of anger
pekha anger
pekhsh angry
pên room
pêjush bathroom (room for bathing)
pênnem barn, stable [`room-horse']
ñêl kitchen [`room-fire']
ñôm library [`room-read']
ñuk forge, smithy [`room-forge']
pêpîthon storage room, storehouse, warehouse
pêpush washroom, W.C.
pêphum bedroom [`room-bed']
pêq A add, increase (e addition, c adder)
perêl nursery, playroom [`room-young']
pêt night; midnightpêch at night
pêtêb late evening (the hours before midnight)
pêtôg late night (the hours after midnight)
pêth va near, close by
pêtha nearness
pêxuth smelting furnace [`room-smelt']
pîj obj a hook-shaped object
pikh A pop or burst open; puff
pil loc in front of, before
pîl loc general locative
pilu the front
pîly loc to the right of
pîlyu the right side
ping A shoot (e.g. arrows) (e target, c weapon)
pîp A drip, trickle (e liquid, c source)
pîpu a drop
piph P fear
pipha fear
pir fox
pit A come
pith va neither near nor far
pitha distance (neutral term)
pîthon store (e item, c container) [`be far']
pîthona storage
plun A distill [pîp-lund `drip-refine']
pluna distillation
plunên alcohol [`noble distillation']
pôp valley (amid hills)
pôq P subtract, remove (e subtraction, c remover)
pôt loose stone, boulder, rock
puj obj a large hook-shaped object
pukh A explode, bang, burst open
pul loc in back of, behind
pulbbung back (of a person's body)
pulthul reflect (e object, c light source) [`back-shine']
pulthuluq mirror [`reflecting thing']
pulu the back (general)
pup A leak, drip very quickly
pung A sit
pungm chair
push a bodily fluid, excluding blood
pushd A excrete, secrete (e person, c secretion or source)
pushd X pâm
X salivates
pushñij urine [`bronze-colored fluid']
pushñuth earwax [`waxy bodily fluid']
pushpâm saliva [`mouth fluid']
pushqut bile [`very bitter fluid']
pushxej sweat [`salty fluid']
put A go
putu departure; path, direction
putuqâj the four cardinal directions
puth va far, distant
putha (great) distance, farness
pux neck
pha the letter ph
phach easy
phalym wrapper, (loose) covering [`cover' + dimin.]
phan canoe [`small boat']
phaph powder, dust
phat P be easy to do
phata easiness, facility
phath # one twelfth
Phelidd Naunai, the smallest moon [diminutive of `moon']
phêq A add a little bit [`add' + dim.]
phesh cotton plant
pheshuq cotton cloth
phich airy, breezy
phîj obj a small hook
phil snow
phim thing; something
phiph A undulate, ripple
phîph A swell, wave
phiphth A undulate, ripple (repetitively)
phîphth A swell, wave (repetitively)
phîr va warm
phir lukewarm, slightly warm
phish free
phishd P liberate; escape
phit air
phôt gravel, pebble [`small stone']
phuch A swim
phul A flow, pour (e liquid, c container, faucet, etc.)
phum bed
phun ash, ashes
phunjêk soda ash, alkali [`roast ash']
phunplun ammonia [`distilled alkali']
phunsh alkaline [`ashy']
phuph A swell (dangerously), rise in a great wave
phuphth A repeatedly swell in great waves
phur va hot
phurd V heat
phura hotness, heat (= state of being hot)
qa the letter q
qaph bile
qaphd A, P (A) secrete bile; (P) complain, whine
qâj # four
qañ a dusky light purple
qara grapheme; sound [from the names of the first and last letters]
qaraju the elcarin alphabet
qêd P defeat (an enemy), endure (a trial); win glory
qêj # two
qêl A rub (e object, c rubber)
qênidd amethyst [`light purple stone']
qeñ c pale purple
qêq brow (seen as the seat of wisdom)
Qêshopsh the second of the Four Great Brothers [`wise brow']
qêt A bear, beget
qgrîtgget pants [`bifurcated skirt']
qîb obj sphere, ball; any spherical object
qich the sun, Ënomai
qichidd gold [`sun-stone']
qichidd-xukh pyrite, fool's gold
qichiddban acqua regia [`anti-gold', because it can dissolve gold]
qîl loc in, inside; among
qîlu the inside
qîltêm P steal [`break in']
qîltêma stealing, burglary, theft
qîlthul A focus (e target, c lens)
qiñ c purple
qiph # half
qiphd A split, divide (esp. in half) (e item, c tool)
qiphdu a split or division
qish A tinkle, small crash (e breaking object)
qît va mildly bitter or acrid
qith A pierce, stab (e victim, c weapon)
qôch P want, wish, desire (a state of affairs)
qôcha desire, wish
qôd P lose (a fight); fail (a trial)
qog bone
qogaju skeleton, seen as the seat of courage [`complete set of bones']
qogngôt skull [`headbone']
qogrung va cowardly
qogrênga va bold, courageous
qop A hit, knock against (e target)
qot P tell someone to do something; order
qub obj large ball
quj A approach (e traveler, c conveyance or mover)
qum A suffer, experience (e sufferer, c condition)
quñ c deep purple
qup dry
qupd A dry out (e object, c dessicator)
qur division, class; season (of the year)
qurd P divide, classify
qush A crash, smash up (e breaking object)
qut va extremely bitter
quth # eight
qha the letter qh
qhâj quarter, one fourth
qhar mess, disorder
qhard A mess up, disorder (e mess, c disordering force)
qharsh messy, disordered
qhêl A caress (e caressee, c hand etc.) [dimin. of `rub']
qhêsh va short, narrow
qhêsh-bîlpîly short in the left-right direction
qhêsha shortness, brevity
qhîb obj knob, bead-- a small sphere
qhîk obj a small flat object of irregular shape; a chip
qhiphd A crack [dimin. of `split']
qhiphdu a crack
qhir pt because of
qhird P explain, assign reasons to [`make qhir']
qhiru reason (for doing something)
qhish va medium in height or width
qhisha size (in one dimension)
qhisha-bîlpîly length in the left-right direction
qhith A penetrate; have sex (e thing penetrated, c penetrator) [dimin. of `stab']
qhitha penetration; sex
qhithar sexual
qhôb volcano
qhôbidd sulfur [`volcano mineral']
qhôch P want mildly
qhôcha a mild desire; whim
qhog tooth [`little bone']
qhogaju jaw [`complete set of teeth']
qhôk P murder
qhom A oink, grunt
qhôp furnace
qhôsh P worry, concern, care
qhre bright, shiny
qhur alley, small street [dimin. of xur]
qhush va long, wide
qhush-bîlpîly long in the left-right direction
qhush-pilpul long front-to-back
qhush-chînkîn tall top-to-bottom
qhusha longness, wideness
qhut A spoil, rot
qhuta spoilage
qhutu something spoiled
ra the letter r
rakh a high mountain, part of a range
ram c dusky light green
ramông verdigris-- the green patina on bronze, brass, or copper
rânt A bleed
rântu blood
rap P ask someone to do something, request (expecting they will out of courtesy, friendship, or habit)
raph A bark
rêl young; new
rêla youth; newness
rêm c very light green
rêng va strong
rênga strongness, strength (= state of being strong)
rêt va novice, apprentice
ridd stone (as a material; also includes metals which are found rather than smelted, such as gold)
rij a person; someone
rijêj both; a couple
rîk finger, toe [abbrev. of nrîk `soft long thin object']
ril va mature in age (not young or old)
rila age (as a quality)
rild P raise or grow (to maturity)
rim c bluish green
rîmidd beryl [`medium-dark green stone']
rîmiddên emerald [`great beryl']
rin # six
ring va medium-strength
rînga strength (as a quality)
riñ wood
riñelch charcoal [`burnt wood']
rîr description; adjective [emphatic adjectival -r]
rîrd P describe
rish A tie, knot (e object, c tool)
rishu knot
rit va knowledgeable, experienced
roch carry (e carrier, c cargo); as preposition with, carrying
rochm barrel
rôn color
rôp P separate, divide
rôpm wall
ruch A climb, ascend
rul old
rula agedness, elderliness
ruld A age (e person, c time)
rum c dark green
rung va weak
runga weakness
rur A blare, bleat-- make a sound like a trumpet
rut va expert, veteran, highly experienced
sha the letter sh
sham skin
shamd A undress (e person, c clothes)
shamsh naked, nude
shan little sister
shar P be attracted, feel some desire [dimin. + `desire']
shara affection, moderate desire
shard P flirt [dimin. + `seduce']
sharda flirtation
shêl pouch, small bag; pocket
shên va light in weight
shêq late fall (the sixth of the year before the winter solstice)
shikh wind
shin va medium-weight
shina weight (as a quality)
shîp obj a small, irregular solid
shiq A cut (e cut object, c tool)
shish A splash (e splashee, c water or its disturber)
shob P know
shoba fact, item of knowledge
shobad P tell, inform [`make a fact']
shobd P learn, study [`make to know']
shobda education, study
shobu knowledge, lore
shobu ânôqêj mathematics
shobu âbel astronomy, navigation
shobu ephîl animal husbandry, zoology
shobu âtêch agronomy, botany
shobu âlunda metallurgy
shobu ebdur the art of excavation; building
shobu xomîl grammar
shobu xelyîl genealogy
shôg A slurp, sip
shôgth A drink (e drinker, c liquid)
shôl small bag or sack
shopsh wise
shôph an isolated hill or mesa [`small jôph']
shugg A swallow (e swallower, c food)
shuk P be possible
shuka possibility
shun va heavy
shunong tungsten [`heavy metal']
shup A peck, give a little kiss [`small kiss']
shush A big splash
ta the letter t
taban P oppose (forcefully), make war [`ally-against']
tabanu opposition, state of war
tad P ally, support
tadu alliance, support
tâg P build (a dwelling), house
tãgu house
tak arch
tam summer (the sixth of the year after the summer solstice)
tâph A throw (e object, c propelling force)
tar cloud
tât P befriend; act out of friendship
tâta friendship
têch edible plant
têd deny, say no [`make no']
têkh a ridge of mountains (or a very long mountain)
têl grass
têlqup straw, hay [`dried grass']
telk P unmake, destroy
tely king, lord; ruler of a clan
telyên high king; ruler of a xelyên or Great Clan
têm A break
têt no, not [from repetition of negative t-]
têt-phim nothingtêt-rij no one
tddôth P be unlikely, be improbable
tîch stair
tîchaju staircase
tig convex, protuberant
tîgg # nine [`great three']
tik tip, point
tikh rain
tîl loc on the surface of
tîlp obj ring, circle-- a hollow circular object
tîlthul A illuminate (e object, c light source)
tîmp obj wheel, disk-- a thickened circular object
tîmput A cross
tîmpuq cart, wagon
tîn loc across from; against; compared to
tînm bridge [`across-device']
tînsh P mischievous, naughty; (as purpose) act for mischief [`cross-ish']
tînsha mischief, naughtiness
tînshu a mischievous or naughty act
ting va slow, silly, foolish
tîp obj plate, disk-- a flat circular object
tiq va mildly tart or sour
tiqa tartness
tir clean
tira cleanliness
tird A wash; clean
tîx # three
tkephad P do accidentally or involuntarily [`not intend']
tkephash involuntary, accidental
tlêx P forget
tlyân P distrust
tlyâna distrust
tlyânsh untrustworthy, unreliable
tlyânsha untrustworthiness, unreliability
tlun impure, unrefined
tlyôr healthy
tlyôra health
tlyôrd A cure, heal (e person or body part, c medicine etc.)
tlyôrm medicine
tlyôru cure, healing
tlyôrur salubrious, health-giving; medical
tñêch reveal, uncover [`un-hide']
tñêchông iron [`revealed metal']
tñêchôngm iron ore
tngâl P disbelieve, be skeptical
tôd P falsify, get wrong
tôk flat
tôkên plain [`great flat']
tôkh A fall
tôm A bite, chew (e eater, c food)
tômth A eat
ton A not exist; not be here, be lacking
tona nonexistence, absence
tor A stand; be located
tora location
tôt pt no; it isn't so
tphach difficult, hard
tphat P be hard to do, be difficult
tphata difficulty
tqîl loc out, out of, outside
tqîlu the outside
tqôch P want something not to happen; fear, avoid
tqhir despite, although [`not because of']
tqul loc far outside
troch without, not carrying
troch-bbêth mute [`without speaking']
troch-bbôth deaf [`without hearing']
troch-miph blind [`without sight']
tug concave, hollow
tuguq spoon [`concave thing']
tukh stormtukhphil snowstorm
tul loc on the surface toward the back
tun loc far across from; greatly opposing
tung va stupid, idiotic
tuph swamp
tuq va very tart or sour, acidic
tuquq acid
tuquq-qhôbidd sulfuric acid [`sulfur acid']
tuquq-xedd hydrochloric acid [`salt acid']
tuquq-bôn citric acid [`fruit acid']
txapd A melt (e item, c heat source)
txîl loc outside to the left
tha the letter th
thâph A toss [dimin. of `throw']
thaq quiet; shy
thaqeph deer [`shy animal']
them A be lightly tapped [dimin. of dem]
ther early fall (the sixth of the year centering on the fall equinox)
thesh A find
thêt P ask a favor, beseech (uncertain of result)
thîk obj a small, flat rectangular object
thikh drizzle, shower
thîlp obj a small ring or link
thîlpuq chain
thing va stable, joined
thîngd A assemble, join, put together (e item, c tool)
thîngda assembly, construction; carpentry
thip A run, trot
thîp obj a small, flat circular object
thith A flap, whap
thîx one third
thôq # ten
thul A shine (e light source; generally uses loc)
thulong tin [`shiny metal']
thulongm tinstone, cassiterite [`tin ore']
thulu light
thung va very solid or secure
thup A slide, slip
thupsh slippery
thur small meal, snack [dimin. of `meal']
xa the letter x
xad P watch, tend, care for
xaj eye
xagg spicy, hot
xagguq spice
xap ice; any frozen substance
xapd A freeze (e item, c source of cold)
xapsh frozen
xaqhre the third of the Four Great Brothers [`bright eye']
xâr year
xedd salt
xeddqit alum [`bitter salt']
xej salty
xely clan, extended family
xelyên Great Clan; one of the xelyênâj, the four ancient lineages
xeph A live, be alive
xephsh alive
xephu life, the state of being alive
xer face; a syllable glyph
xib hand
xibêb back of the hand
xibôg palm (of the hand)
xîk obj a flat object of irregular shape; a flake or chip
xîkông mica [`flake metal']
xil A walk, pace
xîl loc inside to the left
xim small hole
xin A corrode; corrupt (e substance, c source)
xina corrosion, corruption
xîp berry
xîqh A itch (e body part, c cause)
xîqhban A scratch (e body part, c tool) [`anti-itch']
xîqhu itch, itching
xir A grasp, be graped (e object, c grasper)
xom word
xomîl verbal, in words; grammatical
xôp body; trunk (of an animal)
xôpêb back (of a quadruped)
xôpôg underside (of a quadruped)
xor pt again
xord A repeat, do again
xorda repetition
xuk obj a large, flat, irregular shape
xukh false, fake, bogus
xukha falseness, fakeness
xul loc far inside to the left
xum a big hole
xur road, street
xuth A be smelted (e ore, c tool)
xutha smelting; metallurgy

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