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Almea: Industrial Age

For three years I’ve been working on extending the history of Almea past 3480, when the Historical Atlas of Almea stopped. (This is an ongoing project; you can support me and follow along on Patreon.)

I’ve now reached the year 3678, and the project to date has been turned into a book, and you can buy that book!

In previous Almeology, the planet had just begun the Industrial Revolution. This period brings us right into the modern era. Almea faces industrialization, capitalism, socialism, fascism, colonialism, upheavals in age-old systems.

Sexual mores are upended; new religions appear; technology from typewriters to rockets to nuclear weapons to computers are invented; you’ll read about the best comics, novels, and movies. There are major wars— many nations are put through the wringer, and there are plenty of surprises for long-time readers.

Almea is still a fantasy world, and we’ll see how the iliu, ktuvoks, elcari, and flaids deal with industrialization and increasingly lethal weaponry. Can ktuvok empires withstand modern artillery, or for that matter the idea of socialism? Can elcari continue to sell their goods by taking wagons around the human lands? How do the flaids deal with income inequality? What do the iliu think of nuclear war?

The non-fantasy parts are not exactly like Earth, either: notably, Almea has far less oil.

And if that’s not enough, we'll learn about how the previous civilization, the one mythologized in the Count of Years, really looked like; and we’ll get a deep look at two entirely new continents, Lebiscuri and Curym.


What is it?

If I do say myself, it’s a gorgeous book. It’s 8.5 x 11", like the Historical Atlas, full color, 240 pages long.

It’s more text-heavy than the earlier atlas, since there is so much material to cover. The pace is slower, so we can get into the personalities behind the historical forces. Rather than using two base maps, I use close-up maps of each region.

The major sections:

  • The Perunic Era: archeology, the origin of species, and the earlier period of civilization
  • The Steam Era: from the First Dhekhnami War to the Eretald Revolt; the Zone of Fire vanishes; colonization
  • Modernism Rising: Revolutions in Xurno and Belesao; the Second Dhekhnami War
  • The Machine Age: modernism rises and then tears itself apart in the Ereláe War
  • The Atomic Age: Decolonization, space exploration, and the leadup to the Almea War
  • References: leaders, populations, technological advances

When is it out?

The color print edition is out now! Press the big button above. Do it now!

What's the (gulp) price?

The color edition is $29.95. That’s higher than I’d like, but the production costs are high too.

What about cheaper options?

I plan to offer a black & white edition too. I’ll put the price here when I know it; it’ll probably be around $20.

I will also create a Kindle version. This is not great for the maps, but it’s fine for text and it should be quite affordable, less than $10.

Is this everything that’s available on Patreon?

No, not at all. There are a lot of thing that didn’t fit in the book: chapters on the Cadinorian and Verdurian constitutions; detailed studies on Almean cuisine; military cultures; discussion of individual religions. I plan to make much of this available on my site later.

Several languages have been created for this project. Four are already available on Virtual Verduria: Tžuro, Bhöɣetan, Šɯk, and Basfahe. More are coming: Modern Verdurian, Mei.

How about a preview?

Sure, you can read the story of the First Dhekhnami War here.

Are you stopping there?

Omigod no. I have the next two hundred years outlined, and the history will begin soon, taking Almea far into science fiction territory.

Eventually that will become another book, Almea: Space Age.


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