Exploring Areopolis

What is this?

Against Peace and Freedom started out as a Hypercard stack named AD 4901. Through the magic of the Web, the archaic technology of Hypercard can be replaced with archaic HTML plus Javascript!

This interactive set of pages reproduces part of the original game, and serves as an introduction to the Incatena and to the book. Some of the material here is in the first few chapters of the book, but quite a bit isn’t.

© 2011 Mark Rosenfelder

You’re an Agent of the Human Incatena, recovering from your last mission in your swanky if disordered apartment in Areopolis. Your name is... hell, what is your name again, anyway?

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When you’re ready to move, press the button below. You’ve received a summons from the boss, so you should really get to the Incatena Spire at some point.