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Mag & Hope
Bob's Comics Reviews: Jaime Hernandez
Why Jaime is m' main man; and what are the best L&R books.
Fantagraphics page on Los Bros
Their publishers' page dedicated to Los Bros, a good place to see what books are currently available.
Jaime Hernandez chronology
If you got here from my page, you've already seen this. An obsessively compiled chronology of all of Jaime's stories.
Jaime Hernandez character list
All the characters in Jaime's comics, cross-linked to the chronology.
Proving he is notable, Jaime has a Wikipedia entry.
Love & Rockets message board
Lukas Kustner created an L&R message board (the first I'm aware of, at any rate, and it's about time).
Anthem Q&A with Jaime
A 2008 interview by Bryan Hood and Nik Mercer in Anthem magazine.
Audio interview
...of Jaime by Robin McConnell, at Emerald City Comicon in 2009.
Desire without Closure...
An academic paper focussing on Jaime's depiction of sex, lesbianism, and ethnicity.
Salon review
Very nice review of Ghost of Hoppers. Click through the ad (it takes only a few seconds) to read the whole review.
Chrisis Ink
Chrisis calls itself a "church of art", and includes a shrine to Jaime, with some slick scans and a sort of prose poem of homage.
The Nation ravingly reviews L&R
By Patrick Markee, who thinks it's literature. This must be Gary Groth's wet dream. (No longer free online, unfortunately.)
Love and Rockets
J. Stephen Bolhafner discusses both Hernandez brothers, including reviews of each of the books.
A brief intro to Jaime, plus good capsule reviews of five of his books.
Copacetic Comics
An affectionate general intro to los Bros.
Time 100: Innovators - Storytellers
A short bit on both Bros-- not deep, but hey, it's a mention in Time. (It also has a recent picture of them, which is worth a click!)
Tom Knapp reviews most of the series.
The Unlovely L&R Home Page
Arthur Goldstuck's account of the thought police going after L&R in South Africa; plus an interview with Los Bros.
No Joke: Comics for Grownups
A newspaper interview, by J. Stephen Bolhafner, with Los Bros. Basic stuff, but some of the basic questions-- e.g. why los Bros do women characters so well-- are pretty interesting.
Reprodukt Comics
A biography of Jaime in German, from his German publisher.
Csupo Crain gallery
This LA gallery was showing Hernandez pix till March 1998. They must be cool-- they also have art from Moon Unit Zappa.
Los Hernandez Bros
A entry on Los Bros put up by a Dutch comics shop.
John's Book Pages
Short reviews of various L&R books.

Comics Some other interesting comics-related links:

Bob's Comics Reviews
My reviews of various comics. And why not check out my own comic, Fuschia Chang?
The How-To Guide to Comics
Surely by now you want to create comics? Tips and advice on everything from what tools to use to how to self-publish.
The Comics Journal Home Page
Excerpts from the magazine, mostly an attempt to get you to buy it of course, but so far it's contained some interesting stuff.

Comics Dead links

Just in case they ever come back. Or you could try the Wayback Machine.
An introduction to L&R in an Italian on-line comix mag. By Fulvio Morlacchini.
Alternativ kultúra: Hernandez testvérek
Something about Los Bros in Hungarian, from which we learn that Maggie is biszexualis and Hopey is leszbikus.
Hopey Loves Shonen Knife
Doesn't everybody love Shonen Knife?
A mini-review of Love & Rockets.
L&R Concordance
John McCoy's guide to what stories from the comic are in the first 10 collection
Jaime en Gilbert Hernandez
A good-sized page in Dutch on the comic.
La bédéthèque idéale
A review of Modern Sex, Jaime in French-- one of about 50 titles the site thinks belongs in the "ideal comics library".
Fan Grrl
Part of a grrl zine, "Jitterbug Fantasia". Excellent discussions of many comics, including L&R.
An interview with Los Bros in Portuguese, at about the time of the Maggie & Hopey Color Special... Jaime reports that the industry is dying and he's no longer lionized at conventions. He also mentions... big surprise... that it was Beto who exerted the most pressure to finish work during the L&R days. Wig Wam Bam kids
Ediciones La Cúpula
The cover and a brief description, en castellano, of the Spanish edition of Las Mujeres Perdidas.
A (positive) review of Whoa, Nellie!, by Gabe Soria.
Comics Review - Penny Century
An even more glowing review of Penny Century #3, by Joe Zabel.
The Unauthorized Love & Rockets Page
An extensive gallery, plus character descriptions. Includes some of Jaime's album covers.
Love and Rockets, Stage Two!
A plug piece on the revived Love and Rockets comic.
Mi Vida Loca: A Love and Rockets Resource
Sarah Graham's page of stuff on L&R and other graphic novels, including some print resources.
Los Bros Hernandez duet, with kissing
An excellent interview with Los Bros at Salon, with some nice ruminations on the usual questions about women, and the news that Jaime is engaged (awww). The interviewer, Amy Benfer, also has some ruminations on the comics.
Love & Rockets Review & Primer
What the heck is Love & Rockets anyway? Find out here.
Love & Rockets Family Trees
John McCoy's family trees of Maggie, Hopey, and Izzy; plus those of Luba, Heraclio, Pipo, and other characters from Gilbert's Palomar stories.
Selina Francis's Comix Zone
A guided tour, with plenty of gorgeous scans, of some of the feisty heroines in alternative comics, including Los Bros'. Possible future venue?
Locas Land
Elsewhere on the same site, a page about Jaime's world, with plenty of big scans, and brief introductions to the characters.
An academic look at L&R, from Tamara Ja.
The Hernandez Brothers on Punk Rock
Paula Gonzalez interviews Los Bros on music.
Dan Clowes interview
Dan mentions Los Bros at a couple points. I particularly liked Jaime's story about himself and Hopey.
Love & Rockets Pictures
Alison Wight's page, with some L&R pix.
Louise's Site for Sleep Avoiders
A personal reaction to L&R, from Sweden, with some scans.
Prosolar Mechanics
A page in Swedish, defining prosolar mechanics (apparently the author's career goal) and featuring Rand Race.
Culture Club Central
A short review which manages to get the name of Jaime's latest comic mixed up with a Beatles song.
Tiina Harkki's page
A fan page, with some L&R links.

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