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17 Where can I get an electronic IPA font (or other electronic resources)?

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Adapted from information posted to sci.lang by Sean Redmond, Evan Antworth, Chris Brockett, Roy Cochrun, Harlan Messinger, Jörg Knappen, Alex Rudnicky, Enrico Scalas, and Mark Kantrowitz.

If you know of other linguistics-oriented web pages or publicly available (and legal) fonts or other linguistic resources, please e-mail me or post to sci.lang, so they can be listed here.

A number of Postscript Type 1 and TrueType fonts (including IPA, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, etc.) are available by ftp in the directory

List (ls) the directory to see what's available. The files are zipped; a version of unzip is usually available on whatever host you use to ftp with.

Note: TrueType files can be used under Windows or on the Macintosh. I'm not sure if the unzipped files can be inserted directly into the Mac's Fonts folder; I ran them through Fontographer first.

The SIL IPA fonts (also in PostScript Type 1 and TrueType versions) are also available by ftp from:

They are also available on diskette for $5.00 plus postage: $2.00 in U.S. or $5.00 outside the U.S. Order from:
SIL Printing Arts Department
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas TX 75236 USA
tel: 214-709-2495, -2440 fax:214-709-3387.

University College London also sells these fonts on disk ($32).

Some IPA fonts for TeX can be found in the CTAN archives at

Look in the subdirectories wsuipa, tsipa, and (the most recent) tipa.

For mirror of the CTAN archives, finger

To access the Carnegie-Mellon 100,000-word English dictionary, retrieve the following files:

Here's some Web pages containing information of interest on linguistics or languages.

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