Drawn by Mark Rosenfelder
Written by the #spinnwebe Cabal

These may only amuse us, I don't know. They're illustrated snippets of chat from #spinnwebe, culled from Raven's canonical collection. They may not be for you if you have a weak stomach or a strong conscience.

The Toons
  1. Raven tricks
  2. Do I want a bagel or a shooting rampage?
  3. Naked little boy covered in chocolate
  4. That's our Agto!
  5. Always wanted a card like that
  6. Haaaaaaaand!
  7. What do you see in really bugshit guys?
  8. 1/5 of mdxi's life
  9. Action Jesus with kung fu grip!
  10. It's my own herbal blend
  11. Girl talk
  12. Fried cheese... it kills prey dead
  13. The lure of self-referentiality
  14. Get shorty
  15. Sandwich artist
  16. <BLORK> Oh hell, there it goes
  1. The robotic interface
  2. Hammer the cloud capital
  3. Annoying. Gets in the way.
  4. Cherry flavored are evil.
  5. Fun weekend
  6. Which is the furry?
  7. Everyone's dongle
  8. Animal control
  9. You know what they need to clone?
  10. Sam tells a joke
  11. @randomquote
  12. No, swear to God
  13. Now I get it
  14. Sam gets a checkup
  15. Do you get discounts on meat?

The Characters

Since the channel wasn't really conceived as a comic strip, it has a somewhat confusing array of characters. I've prepared this page as a field guide for identification.

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