Where to score BDs

Finding this stuff in English, if you are so hopelessly Neanderthal as not to speak French, can be a problem. A lot of it does get published in English, but it never seems to stay in print. Finding it in French is even harder, and when you do find it the prices will be high enough to win a game of Joust.

It may be easier to find French comics magazines: Fluide Glacial (mostly pretty dull), Psikopat (more of the same), L'Echo des Savanes (more diverse; features lots of photos of naked women), A Suivre (mostly adventure strips; now defunct).

Nonetheless, I've started recording the names of places that sell French comics (besides Tintin and Asterix). If you have more names, or more information on the places listed, parlons.

Good selection and prompt shipping, says a UK reader.
L'Antre des Dragons, 56 Rue du Loup, 33000 Bordeaux, France. tel. (33) 05 56 51 73 78, fax (33) 05 56 79 33 45.
Yes, yes, off the beaten trail; but they'll do mail order, ship to the States, Visa/MC, even e-mail. They even speak English.
Chicago Comics, 3244 N. Clark, (312) 528-1983
Europa Bookstore, 832 N. State
San Francisco
Last Gasp, 777 Florida
European Book Company, 925 Larkin Street, (877) 746-3666
Comic Relief, 2138 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704, (510) 843-5002.
Cambridge, Mass.
Million Year Picnic, 99 Mt. Auburn, (617) 492-6763
Schoenhof's Foreign Books, 76A Mt. Auburn
New York
Librairie De France / Libería Hispanica, 610 5th Ave, Rockefeller Center, (212) 581-8810
Jim Hanley's Universe, 4 W. 33rd St., (212) 268-7088.
Often neglected by American Francophones, Montréal is just as French as Paris and a lot closer. Most any bookstore will have BDs, and best of all, you can get cheap used albums here.

La Mouette Rieuse, 4418, rue St-Denis, (888) 603-3883. (Possibly defunct...)
Débédé, 3882, rue St-Denis, (514) 499-8477.
Fichtre!, on Bienville near St. Denis - French alternatives, with a lot of quality English stuff thrown in.
Nebula, rue Ste. Cathérine Ouest.

The Beguiling, 601 Markham, (416) 533-9168
La Librairie Champlain, 468 Queen St. E, M5A 1T7, (416) 364-4345
Planète BD, 493, Sussex Drive, K1N 6Z5, (613) 789-6307
Vancouver, BC
Manhattan Books, 1089 Robson St., V6K 1R1, (604) 681-9074

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