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Mockable movies

DarthZomp: hmm, could batman be movie night material?
MisterQ: I always thought it was funny of who played Harvey Dent in the first movie

DethKlaw: Heh.

MisterQ: Funny, Tommy Lee Jones didn't look anything like Billy Dee Williams. Must have been the Chemicals.

DarthZomp: even better, star trek v, aka "don't ever let shatner direct again".

maime: heh

MisterQ: What movie have we all seen a bazillion times and can make fun of in a split second?

DarthZomp: un chien andalou?
DarthZomp: beyond the valley of the ultra-vixens?

Da_SeanQ: Caddyshack?
Da_SeanQ: Titanic?

DarthZomp: pee-wee herman goes to the theater?

MisterQ: what's un chien andalou about?

DarthZomp: q: i don't know if it's about anything, it's surrealism.

MisterQ: Gonna have to see it someday, then

maime: I've only been to one movie where the audience stopped paying attention and started heckling the movie.
maime: It was The people under the stairs

Trainman: Un Chien Andalou is about getting freshman college film students to squirm in their seats.

DethKlaw: No, it's too short.

maime: Any old 80's horror would be great.

DarthZomp: o/~ the people under the stairs go up and down, up and down, up and down... o/~

MisterQ: The Keanes under the stairs

    *** DarthZomp is now known as zompist:

zompist:: man, it feels good to get out of that damn costume.

maime: what is the darth zomp costume?

zompist:: black leather, padding to give the illusion of a manly physique, and a nice white tie.

DethKlaw: I was at an experimental Japanese film where people didn't heckle it, they ignored it. I think that would be worse, to hear everyone spontaneously break into conversations about other things.
DethKlaw: It was a shot of people walking along a street, half of the people were real, the other half animated.
DethKlaw: Once you got over the initial "Oh, cool" the film became quite boring.
DethKlaw: It was 15 minutes of a three-minute film.

MisterQ: that film would have been cool if the animated people started fighting with the real people

zompist:: and ripping out their spines! yeah!

MisterQ: And making the real people into animated people

zompist:: heh... did you ever see cool world?
zompist:: any movie that has to assure you in its title that it's cool is dead wrong.

MisterQ: (yes I saw cool world) The real people tried to resist with guns and stuff, but it was no match for anvils and sticks of dynamite

maime: I had a friend obsessed with that movie.
maime: wandered around for weeks mumbling about cartoon chicks.

MisterQ: Its soundtrack was the best thing about it

maime: It had "sex on wheels"

MisterQ: and what's wrong with cartoon chicks?

maime: Nothing but i hate them.

DethKlaw: Even LadyJ?

maime: never watched that cartoon.

    *** DethKlaw is now known as Wabewalkr

MisterQ: What have they ever done to you?

maime: They have ruined it for me with guys who went around for weeks mumbling about cartoon chicks.

Wabewalkr: You don't want to date guys like that.

maime: I know that now.
maime: But I still have the grudge for cartoon chicks.

Wabewalkr: They expect all women to look like Dolly Parton in zero gravity.

zompist:: it's not good to be making love and know that the guy's comparing you to the
cartoon chicks he's had.
MisterQ: hehehe

maime: Ummm If someone thinks he's had a cartoon chick he's got more problems than even I could ignore.

zompist:: [re Dolly Parton] jeez, that's a scary image. prehensile breasts.

Wabewalkr: As bad as a prehensile vagina?

MisterQ: See Species and let's have no more talk on prehensile breasts
MisterQ: Well, I think it would be fun to play act and have the girl dress up like Daphne from Scooby Doo.

zompist:: not thelma?

MisterQ: sure, why not

Wabewalkr: There are three types of men in the world: those that like Daphne, those that like Velma, and those that like Freddie.

MisterQ: 4: those that like Scooby

maime: I'd probably be more the thelma type... after all I'd lose my glasses and be blind in the dark.

Wabewalkr: And touch the foot of the monster?

maime: Of course. I'm a monster magnet.

Da_Raven: That's almost poetry. :)

MisterQ: Now I have Monster Magnet's song stuck in my head. Thanks a lot!

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Yet another conversation about Star Wars

Wabewalkr: This is frightening: I'm starting to agree with Brin.

zompist:: wabe, were you reading the brin review?

Wabewalkr: Yeah.

zompist:: his minor points are better than his major point....

Wabewalkr: Yeah, I suppose. But I do agree with the "Forgive Vader?!?" point

zompist:: re vader: yeah, that's true.
zompist:: it's just that a world with democratically apportioned heroes and magic is probably not a world that makes for good fantasy.

Wabewalkr: I really found the movie... annoying. It stopped at the back of the eyes. None of the characters were worthwhile...

zompist:: i can see all the holes, but i enjoyed myself.

Wabewalkr: I toggle between the two.
Wabewalkr: But I tend to lean towards the nobody-who-claws-his-way-to-the-top mentality.

zompist:: sorry, which side is that? :)

Wabewalkr: Star Trek
Wabewalkr: Geeks == Heroes.
Wabewalkr: Brains >= Birth.

zompist:: actually, that bugged me about brin's review... i have a low star trek tolerance.

Mr_Ben: I have no Star Trek tolerance.

zompist:: maybe it's his way of talking about real sf to a non-sf audience.

Wabewalkr: I have a low Star Wars tolerance, so we're balanced there.
Wabewalkr: I prefer more science in my SF... so I lean towards Crighton.

sol-D: fiction...

zompist:: ah, star wars hardly qualifies as science fiction.

Wabewalkr: But then, I also like Dr. Who, so who am I to judge? Dr. Who was born a noble, but left because he disagreed with their politics.
Wabewalkr: I also read Asprin, but in the same way I read trashy romance novels or eat chocolate-- with a guilty sense of pleasure.

Da_Raven: Heh.

Wabewalkr: Dr. Who's strongest point was a sense of scale-- he didn't always save the universe, sometimes he just saved a village.

zompist:: i think very little of my favorite sf would translate well to the screen.
zompist:: case in point: the demolished man. not at all easy to film espers. :)

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