Virtual Verduria

The Sounds of Almea!

Sample sentences in some of the languages of Almea. Many thanks to Joseph Fatula for reprocessing many of these files as mp3s, so they're both smaller and sound better.
Narrûos tībal sindanu dā. The King gave the horse to the city.
Ctanam Laitan ac bucurrom. We're coming to Laita, but we're not running.
Agečir soi egleri e vulir cam delažec ďunî fuaî. To refuse praise is to wish to be praised twice.
Ne meršán, nrüsk, er řo vulu luomi, ac milka. At the market, fool, and I don't want apples, but sausage.
Dobrë šueza! Good afternoon!
Ďitelán mu cum pén veaďen er mësan so sannam. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord. (speaker: Joe Fatula)
Se saȥu e sic lŕe ah mŕsyn. The prince is less beautiful than a beaver.
Fichilâ meli facheka akh lê bra! I look forward to good fighting with you!
Boume Jeiworo bugouei peli Turalo. The cow spoke in Curau, not in Jeor.
Ir nevu jadzíes mnošuac. My niece is dating a sculptor.
To am šus bunji dis kes denjic. He hopes one day to govern a province.
Cuka miute gente eveśu. I don't want to see the one with a pimple.
Ngunun zanzaranyuge! Zu:rrataze. The grapes are probably sour, I don't want them anyway
Old Skourene
Guḍobuli ageşorodor ṭas-aŋeloto. We support our rulers, except dictators.
Se gaar fostpo garchet, ʔok fotse for ʔy lesteʔo. If you cooked catfish, I'm going to a restaurant.